Sardinia has a very warm and sunny climate, the southern part being the hottest.

The Costa Smeralda, on the northern part of the island, lies on the same parallell as Naples and has an excellent climate, with very mild winters. The heat of summer is refreshed by the frequent Mistral wind.

From May to October the average rainfall is 25 mm.

Thunderstorms average from June to September about 1.5 days per month. From April to June and from September to October, they average three days per month.

Summer holidays are therefore guaranteed to be sunny, with only a minimum of bad weather.

The mild winters make Sardinia an ideal place for retirement, considering also its proximity to the rest of Europe and the variety of the countryside and its natural enviornment, being in effect a miniture continent. There are infinite archeological sites to visit and numerous itineries for sight-seeing.

Average temperatures in Sardinia

June to September: 28 °C
September to November: 20 °C
December to March: 15 °C
April to June: 23 °C