Porto Cervo Nord

On the North shore of Porto Cervo lies what is probably the most exclusive part of Porto Cervo, with the largest and most luxurious villas of the town. This is the first residential area to be developed, where the architect Vietti chose to build hid own home having a Southern disposition and lovely views over the harbour. One can see the coming and going of the yachts to the Marina, the boats at anchor in the middle of the bay and the village of Porto Cervo on the other side. At night, the view is enlivened by the twinkling of thousands of lights from the yachts and homes around the bay.

The most exclusive Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and the shops of Porto Cervo Marina, are within walking distance. There are also two beaches to be enjoyed, the Spiaggia dei Gigli and the Dolce Sposa beach.