Vanni Orecchioni

Vanni Orecchioni comes from an ancient family which first settled in Liscia di Vacca in the 1800’s. In fact one of his nursery’s right in Liscia di Vacca, just behind the quaint little church.

In 1958, when Mr. Giuseppe Mentasti, the San Pellegrino mineral water man, first purchased Poltu Mannu (the Large Port, which was to become Porto Cervo) he decided to reforest the sea-shore, where today we have the Sestante apartments.

He engaged the young Vanni to organise everything. Poltu Mannu was then purchased by H. H. the Aga Khan, who gave it its new name.

The Aga Khan continued the reforestation project and brought over Mr. Schneider, a garden expert, who was working for him in France to set up a nursery. After a couple of years, another expert on Mediterranean gardens was sent to Sardinia, the landscape gardener and architect, Mr. Jeas Thomas. Vanni still considers Mr. Thomas his great Maestro, who still corresponds with Vanni, despite his 80 years, from Australia where he now lives. The courageous apprentice, at only 23 years of age, decides to start out on his own.

He worked a lot for the Architect Mr. Luigi Vietti, and also for the architect Giuseppe Polese and created many wonderful gardens for the large, important villas and hotels.

According to Vanni Orecchioni, a garden must not be discovered all at once, but should reveal itself a bit at a time, as one walks through it, providing one surprise after another. Visiting his gardens, one never has the impression of having seen it before, or that it resembles another, as everyone has its own very personal characteristics.

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