Michele Frisciata

Michele Frisciata was born at Borgo San Giovanni, in his grandfather’s stazzo gallurese (Sardinian farmhouse), in the locality named Lu Jattu (the cat), in a very attractive countryside near Arzachena, amongst rocks, secular trees, grapevines and orchards. Michele tells how his native bed is still there in its place in the house and from his enthusiasm in describing the natural beauty of his stazzo, provides a strong indication of the importance that Lu Jattu had in the formation of the artistic sensibility of the young Michele.

After receiving his diploma in Agritecnica, and following a specialist course of Floriculture and of Meccanica Agraria, always with a maximum score, Michele Frisciata moved to London to perfect his English and worked there in important central places.

At his return in Sardinia, Michele began his long career with Sgaravatti in Costa Smeralda, where he has been for over thirty years. He is particularly appreciated by the foreign residents of the area, who are notoriously very demanding with their gardens, which are often amongst the most beautiful of the Costa Smeralda, many of which have actually been created by Michele himself.

Michele Frisciata, with his long and varied experience, is now a true professional of the garden and has a special sensitivity of the local Mediterranean macchia, juniper, myrtle, corbezzolo, olive, lentischio etc., and knows how to judicially mix it with imported plants, but always maintaining the flavour of a natural garden.

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