Savin Couelle

This brilliant father and son pair of artists and architects, has played a crucial role in the development of the Costa Smeralda style of architecture. They have produced a real masterpiece of art, which has become famous in the world, the Hotel Cala di Volpe, which on the outside appears to be an ancient Mediterranean fishing village, whereas on the inside it is a modern creation of surreal architecture, which envelops and stimulates the spirit of its visitors.

Savin Couelle, of no inferior status to his father in artistic talents, has continued working in the Costa Smeralda, with a prolific production of fascinating villas, so much so that he has almost become a myth amongst Couelle aficionados. Many a potential home-buyer has entered an estate agency in Porto Cervo seeking only and nothing but, a Couelle Villa.

Savin’s homes are full of curves, vaulted ceilings, twisted juniper beams, peculiar niches and many elaborate details, built by hand-picked excellent local artisans, utilising special, rare materials. The result is more often a sculpture rather than architecture, unless this style is to be considered a precursor of future architecture, much has it been copied, with varying degrees of success by other qualified and often unqualified imitators.

Apart from the Hotel Cala di Volpe, Savin Couelle has designed the Maison du Port on the old port of Porto Cervo and the nearby Capitaneria apartments, the Cala Corallina and Il Poggio villas at Cala Granu, the village of Alba Ruja at Liscia di Vacca, the villas of Petramanna and many, many other splendid villas scattered here and there over the Costa Smeralda.

In appreciation of the hospitality and friendship of the Sardinian people, Savin donated his professional talents for the creation of a convent at Nuoro, adding another Couelle masterpiece to enhance the Sardinian landscape.

He has often been called to other nations around the world to design important palaces for princes and magnates, where he regularly brings his team of Sardinian craftsmen, who are the only ones who can interpret his wishes and satisfy his demanding attention to artistic detail.

In the words of Anna Wakhevitch-Corsy:

Savin Couelle’s style is not just a design that sets one dreaming; it is also a display of real technical know-how and mastery in the use of materials. Il creates an interrelationship between exterior and interior, it rationalizes space and gives an expression of grandeur even in the most restricted places. Great attention to detail and to the entire construction rests on an ingenious balance which, again, is the expression of his style.