Peter Schneck

Peter Schneck, with a German father was born in Connecticut, USA and graduated in architecture at Cornel University.

In the early 60’s he moved to Rome, Italy, where he worked for Michele Busiri Vici, who was soon to be encharged by the Aga Khan with the new Costa Smeralda development.

Peter Schneck’s early work closely followed the Busiri Vici tradition of flowing Moorish-style, white-washed buildings. He transferred his residence to La Maddalena in Sardinia, though he always maintained close ties with the eternal city.

A holiday in Peru created a fundamental change in the young Peter, where he was profoundly struck with the simplicity of the Mayan stone temples of Macciu Picciu. Perhaps his rationalistic American upbringing, together with his rigid Teutonic origins, prevailed over the romantic Moorish Costa Smeralda architecture that was currently being developed. Peter Schneck set out on his own and his new houses were now predominantly in stone and monumental in form, epitomised by his famous personal home, built on a rocky peak in Liscia di Vacca, on the road to Baia Sardinia.

Peter achieved a large following, especially amongst the English and German community and built many luxury villas on the Costa Smeralda, many of which were published in architectural magazines. These homes were quite geometric and simplistic in form and practical to live in; take for example, the homes of Marjorie Grahame and Gregory Hood in Romazzino, Ockie Yeaborough and Per Erichsen in Piccolo Romazzino, Tim Rootes in Liscia di Vacca and Dirk Pey in Pevero Golf.

One of his most significant buildings, designed just before his untimely death in 1990, was the Hotel Nuraghe in Baia Sardinia, which recalls very clearly the Macciu Picciu temple.

The actual construction of this hotel was followed by the young apprentice, Pietro Giordo.