Jacques Couelle

This brilliant father and son pair of artists and architects, has played a crucial role in the development of the Costa Smeralda style of architecture. They have produced a real masterpiece of art, which has become famous in the world, the Hotel Cala di Volpe, which on the outside appears to be an ancient Mediterranean fishing village, whereas on the inside it is a modern creation of surreal architecture, which envelops and stimulates the spirit of its visitors.

The very eclectic Jacques Couelle, who was companion to Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, was granted Honorary Membership at the Académie des Beaux-Arts of the Institut de France, for his artistic prowess. Brought to the Costa Smeralda by the Aga Khan, Jacques chose for his abode the rocky outcrop at Monte Mannu, towering over Abbiadori and the Cala di Volpe bay, where he built a sculptured home amongst the rocks. After a long and brilliant career, he passed away at the age of 95.